PARFUMS DE MARLY Habdan Eau de Parfum Samples/Decants

Rs. 750.00

What it is: Habdan Eau de Parfum is an exotic, rich fragrance as regal and elegant as the high courts of King Louis XV.

Fragrance story: Habdan is a distinguished fragrance that is indulgent like a gourmand yet sexy like an oriental scent. This exotic fragrance opens with a gorgeous saffron accord blended with regal frankincense. The smoky agarwood in the heart of the fragrance is enhanced by fragrant rose and juicy apple, which leads into a warm amber drydown. Noble, elegant, majestic.

Style: Spicy, wood.


- Top: frankincense, saffron.

- Middle: apple, agarwood, rose.

- Base: amber, maltol.

Mood: Elegant, sexy, indulgent, exotic.