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Purchased Versace Eros and the result is ultimatum. Afridi [owner] suggested multiple perfumes based on my taste which I have put in my bucket list. Next would be D&G the one and Paco Rabanne XS black. Thank u again and keep the good work like this. I genuinely feel that all products are 100% original

Avninder Singh

Honesty. Nothing else presented. Customer satisfaction was given the highest priority during my visit. And quality is simply uncompromised. Genuine products. Safest place to ourvhpur fragrances.

Waheeb Ulla

Ohh My Goshhhh... So glad to be so true and review these awsm guys who make my wish possible and I end up buying me a CHANEL NO•5. I am already in love with this Cult Fav and now Snap Perfumes has made it so trustworthy that I can rely on... I love you guys... 🙈😘🤗❤️☺️ Definitely, a very very happiest customer ever.☺️

Prachi Rastogi

This place has a wide variety of authentic designer, niche, clones and some vintage fragrance. I have visited them a few times and can confidently say that I'm more that satisfied with the service. Even returns or exchanges are hassle free. Kudos to Afreedi. With the shop being setup soon customers can experience their wide variety in person. Pricing is very competitive which is an added bonus.

Adnan Khan


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