Dunhill Desire Red Samples/Decants

Rs. 450.00

Brand Dunhill
Dunhill Desire includes scents that are intense, complex and moody. The fragrance is light, airy, and easy. Rich, sensual, as it is, it encourages you to bold and straightforward actions, it makes you feel energetic and free.Virile and potent, Dunhill Desire is the fragrance of a refined man. It is addressed to the men that are self-confident and who want to be in the center of attention. The notes of apple, orange blossoms, fresh, sweet bergamot and sparkling lemon make this is a complex and unguarded scent, completely comfortable, yet smokin' hot. Hints of rose, patchouli and teak wood tame the wild animal, while the accords of vanilla and rich musk enhance the raw sensuality of Dunhill Desire.